How to Fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error? 

Fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error

If you are using Venmo then you are faced a the server returning an error at least once or twice. No worries in this article you can find the perfect solutions to Fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error

It’s also one of the same problems like Venmo ‘something went wrong’ and ‘verification code not coming on phone or email’. I have found solutions for all these problems and Shared in previous articles also.

In this article I will share you a step by step guide to Fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error.

Reasons for Venmo “The Server Returned an Error”

  1. System glitches 
  2. Network connectivity 
  3. Storage issues.
  4. Device or browser issues.

How to fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error

1.Clearing the cache 

2. Reinstall venmo app

3. Update the Venmo App

4. Download older version Venmo app

5. Disable VPN

6. Change Network Connections 

Mobile to wifi

7. Check your storage 

8. Use different devices or browsers.

Step by step guide to Fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error

1. Clearing the cache 

Clearing the cache is the solution for the majority of any app related problems. By following this step by step guide you can fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error On iOS and android.

For iphone :

Go to iphone Settings 

Scroll down and Tap on General 

Select iPhone storage option 

Scroll down and find the venmo app ,Then open it 

For Android

Go to Settings of your device 

Scroll down and tap on Apps

Select Venmo app

Scroll down and  find the Storage option. Open it..

After that you can find the clear cache option on Both iOS and android. open and clear the cache. It is also an effective method to fix Venmo ‘Something went wrong’ Error.

2. Reinstall venmo app

Sometimes the device glitches also leads to The Server Returned an Error. To fix that you can delete and reinstall venmo app.

3. Update the Venmo App

Outdated venmo app versions also cause this error. To fix the issue, update your app.

Easiest method to Update your venmo app is

  • Go to app or play store 
  • Search Venmo App

If there is showing an update. Please Update the app. Cool! You’re problem was fixed.. 

4. Download older version Venmo app

Delete your current Venmo app and download older version of venmo app . Because sometimes the updated version of the app will cause this error. To solve this downgrade by downloading an older version of the Venmo app.

5. Disable VPN

If you’re using VPN then you should turn off VPN. Because the Venmo app wants users to have a perfect IP address for transactions. Disabling the app will fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error in your device.

6. Change Network Connections 

Change Your Network Connections. If you’re using wifi then change into mobile data. If you’re using mobile data then use wifi. Sometimes network connections also cause this error.

7. Check your storage

If you’re mobile storage running low, Can cause this error. To solve this error, clear some spaces by deleting unnecessary files like apps, photos, videos etc.

8. Use different devices or browsers.

change your browser or clear browser cache on your device. otherwise use different devices to run venmo. Sure it will fix your The server returned error on venmo

Additional Solutions to Fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error

1.Check financial institution

In some other cases this error will happen by your financial institution. Check your bank account connection, debit or credit card in good standing or not. 

If you’re facing any problems connecting a bank to venmo, contact the Venmo help centre. 

And make sure your account has sufficient funds.

2. Check User account status

Check your venmo user account. Is it in good manner or not? Or Is the account was suspended? Or not. If it is suspended, you can’t access your account till the problem was fixed.

3. Security Measures

Sometimes this error happens because of Security Measures. Not only Venmo, All other transaction apps also take security measures seriously. 

Follow all policies of venmo and if you have missed any steps when creating a venmo account or any verification process, please complete those steps quickly. 

4. Check affecting other apps or extensions 

Some apps and browser extensions can conflict with venmo. Can lead to this error. By disabling those apps or extensions can solve this problem.

5.Contact Venmo support team

The solutions mentioned above have worked for me. If it did not work for you, then contact the Venmo help centre. You can find permanent solutions for your issues.

FAQ’s to Fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error

1.Why does Venmo keep saying the server returned an error?

It is a technical issue. You can fix it by clearing app cache, changing network connectivity, disabling VPN etc.

2.Why is Venmo giving me an error?

Due to internet or technical problems.
Connect to another network. If you’re using wifi, connect to mobile data. If the problem was not fixed then restart your device. Then try again. 

3. Why can’t I add a bank account to Venmo?

If you’re facing a problem , add a bank account. Try with a debit card. If a problem persists, contact the Venmo help centre.

4.Which is a better cash App or Venmo?

By considering customer reviews. Cash flow has a 4.37 rating out of 5 (430 reviews). And Venmo has 4.74 out of 5 (9002 reviews). Which shows Venmo is better than cash flow. 


In this article i have shared step by step guide about How to Fix Venmo The Server Returned an Error

I hope this article will helped you to solve  The Server Returned an Error. and also it worked for me and others who are facing same issues in both the devices.

If you are facing any other issues feel free to ask with me or comment below. If you’re found this article helpful then please share this article to others. Thank you !

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